UPDATE // well isn't this ironic? viktor has closed its doors. teaches me for not drinking more cortados there while i had the chance.

sometimes i wonder how these coffee bars do it. i mean, i am so grateful they exist and i try to visit as many of them as often as possible, but i can't help feeling guilty sometimes when i sit and brainstorm at a place for more than an hour and only drink two cortados. honestly though, one more and i'd give the duracell bunny a run for its money.

while i met with my dear friend manon (the pretty blonde!) at viktor on a wednesday afternoon and we had a super productive meeting, only one other person came in for a coffee. surely a coffee bar needs more clientele than that? to be fair, i've heard things get pretty crowded there during the weekend.

not that viktor isn't a lovely place to hang out, but the focus is mainly on the gallery space downstairs and the artisan shop in the back - everything you see hanging or lying around is for sale. still, that said, for those flexworkers looking for a more legit experience than putting on coffitivity (such a funny concept though), please consider viktor as your inspiring place to be.
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